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On this page you’ll find excerpts from some of my short stories and poems included in both books together with some of my digital art.

I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Lansky’s Store In Memphis

We all know how much Elvis loved Memphis and it features in many of my short stories.

Here’s an excerpt from A Matter Of Time, a short story that has proved very popular and can be found in my book A Lifetime Of Love,

”On one particular corner back in 1953 stood Lansky, famous for its street cool clothing. A magnet for Memphis musicians, the ultimate in style; you weren’t nobody unless you were dressed by Lanskys!
As we move on to Union Avenue and the famous Peabody Hotel we see that familiar name ‘Lansky’. Now ‘at the Peabody’, the store has a new home but has lost none of its style along the way.
I’m standing in the shade of one of Lanskys maroon canopies. The window displays are stylishly constructed, not too much and just tempting enough to get you inside. As I step back to take in the whole window I collide with another body.
”Aww, I’m so sorry ma’am.“. The young man by my side says sounding embarrasse.”No, I’m sorry, I should have seen you there.” My apology disappears into nothingness as I take my first look at the young man. He’s no more than 18 years old, standing around six feet tall with thick dark hair that is made several shades darker by the gel that’s keeping its style in place.”Mr Lansky sure has some fine things…”, he says gazing longingly at the window display.
I’m trying not to stare, so I turn my attention back to the glass but only to concentrate on the young man’s reflection.He’s standing shoulder to shoulder with me now and even though he’s standing perfectly still there’s what I can only describe as an electrical energy sparking all around him. His hands are deep in the pockets of his black trousers; a pink shirt tucked into their waist and its collar turned up towards his ears…”Copyright L Pilling
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This is a sneak peak from the first chapter of one of my new short stories included in the new book Welcome To My World…..

Reflections On A Dream

“I wish I was in the land of cotton” – I’d wished that from being seven years old after my first glimpse of a blue denim clad singing tornado that blew across my TV screen. Years of dreaming, scheming, disappointment and loss had all played their part, bringing me back here time after time.

From ‘Cottonopolis’ of the industrial Northwest of England to the cotton bowl of Mississippi, the pieces of my life fitting together with many of those so-called coincidences along the way. And here I stand – where his life and dream began.

From that cold and frosty morning when a lusty baby’s cry filled the two-room house, the fates conspired to bless this child with a God-given gift to share with an as yet unsuspecting world. Nature and nurture combined in this poor neighborhood and as he grew a mother’s love instilled gifts beyond price, faith and a belief that dreams can come true if you have the strength and conviction to reach for them.

A little boy running, playing, shouting with a group of equally boisterous friends and cousins; his frayed cotton trousers held above waist height by a pair of his Daddy’s cut down suspenders. Today his blonde, usually unruly hair has been slicked down in an attempt to tame it; blue eyes alive with the light of love and mischief now settle seriously on the stranger watching him.

I watch with baited breath as he walks with purpose towards me trundling a simple wooden truck in his wake.
“’xcuse me ma’am”, his unusually melodic voice wavers for a moment, “a….a….are you lost?
W…w…we don’t get many strangers visitin…….”, he glances back towards the noisy children on the other side of the street but they play on, oblivious to my presence.

Then magic happens. He smiles; a little crooked smile that not only lights up his face but seems to illuminate his very being – and I smile back.
No…, I’m not lost….., well, not really. This is Tupelo isn’t it?” I ask, fully knowing where I am but not quite sure when.

“Y…y…yes ma’am, sure is”.

© 2019 Lesley Pilling
This work is not authorised or endorsed by the Estate of Elvis Presley or by the estate of any other person. All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the copyright owner.