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Another must read from Lesley. An emotional trip down memory lane leaves you mesmerised”   Jean Vick


COMMEMORATE 16th August 2019

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Welcome To My World

Is my second book of Elvis fiction and poetry

Within its pages join me on a journey and experience events and places that will be very familiar to you as Elvis fans.

Whether it’s the quiet charm of Tupelo, the excitement of Memphis, or the magic of a stage performance, you’ll be right there.

So Welcome To My world

Built With You In Mind

A Very Special Message….

In 1956 a young lady from Memphis named Barbara Hearn was dating Elvis.  Fifty four years later I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful lady and I am proud to call her my friend.

Barbara graciously agreed to write the forward for Welcome To My World and her words touched me as I hope they will touch you.  Here’s just a short excerpt.

You will be amazed.   Wonderful.   Elvis’ very being seems to have been infused in Lesley’s heart and mind and then released for his fans through her pen,  Order her book. You will not regret it.

Barbara Hearn Smith.

If you’d like to order a copy of either book please go to the Contact page and send me a message.

Thank you

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In 2019 I am very happy to announce that a second volume of my Elvis fictional short stories and poems is available…..Welcome To My World

My books are written by a fan for the fans – to celebrate the unconditional love we share for one very special man, Elvis Presley.

If you read my first book A Lifetime Of Love  you will know what to expect from my work and I hope you’ll enjoy this new collection of short stories, poems and digital art.

My aim is to paint pictures with my words that evoke a particular time, place or event that will be familiar to you as Elvis fans and in doing so make you feel that you are right there.

If I have done my job well you will find Elvis waiting for you within the pages as we take a journey into our Elvis world.

C l ick here to hear some Readers Reviews of Welcome To My World

In 2010 my first book of Elvis fiction and poems A Lifetime Of Love  was published.

Here are just a couple of the wonderful messages I received from fans who read A Lifetime Of Love.

  • Anyone wanting to know what it means to be an Elvis fan or who is an Elvis fan should read this book.  It is written with such love and respect you can feel it coming from each and every page…….J Beaumont-Sugden
  • I would recommend this book to any Elvis fan……S Williams
  • Whether you’ve been a fan from the start or only recently discovered this beautiful man known the world over as ELVIS, you won’t want to miss the tenderness that awaits you inside the pages of this great read…….P Garber (Author Of Dream Angel & Eternal Flame

If you would like to purchase a copy of Welcome To My World or A Lifetime Of Love, please go to the Contact Page and send me a message







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  • Welcome To My World is available at £8.50 per copy plus postage (advised on ordering according to destination country).
  • ‘42’ – Short story especially written to commemorate 16th August 2019, £3.50 per copy plus shipping (amount advised on placing order).
  • Limited copies of A Lifetime Of Love is available at  the first print run price of £12.50 per copy plus postage (advised on ordering according to destination).

If  you would like your copy signing by the author please include your request at the time of ordering.

Digital Art

If you would like to purchase a piece of my Elvis digital art please send me a message.  They are available in various sizes, some can be embellished if requested.

Elvisly Yours

Lesley x